Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property experts advise some of the world’s largest technology companies in connection with their activity in Israel, as well as entrepreneurs and start-up companies at all stages, with a broad industry coverage. We also provide intellectual property counsel to leading venture capital, private equity and strategic investors with respect to their investments in Israeli technology companies.

We have handled the IP aspects of the some of the most prominent recent M&A and capital market transactions in the Israeli high-tech sector, working closely with the top global players in the technology field. Our team provides top-tier result-driven expertise in the Intellectual Property and Israeli technology related regulatory aspects of M&A, IPOs and corporate finance transactions, including open source software issues, Israeli R&D Law and OCS matters, chain of title gaps, Israeli IP laws concerning management of the IP contribution of founders, employees and consultants, international trade, including export and encryption compliance.

We advise our clients concerning the on-going IP aspects of their business, including copyright infringement and compliance issues, protection of trade secrets, patent law, trademark issues and handling of the intellectual property contributions of employees and service providers. We also regularly address complex open source software analysis, use, management and evaluation. We counsel entrepreneurs in establishing new tech ventures and startup companies, advising on the product design, the product foundational legal instruments, the structure and formation their business model so as to ensure compliance with intellectual property and related regulatory environments.

We are also involved in dispute resolution and litigation of cutting edge intellectual property matters, representing our clients before Israeli courts and regulators.

Technology Transactions

Our technology transactions team regularly structures, negotiates and leads tech-based commercial transactions, including complex domestic and cross-border licensing, asset, patent and know-how sale, IP commercialization, digital media monetization, OEMs, multi-tier distribution, collaborations and joint development. We have successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients multi-million dollar technology transactions with the most prominent technology companies in the worlds.
In the interaction between the public and private R&D, we handle tech transfer transactions vis-à-vis Universities and research bodies, represent our clients in their dealings with the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist and compliance with the Israeli R&D Law.

Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Law

Our Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Law team caters to some of the most prominent companies in the mobile and Internet industry, both globally and domestically, as well as to promising entrepreneurs and new ventures. Our clients include leading companies in the fields of Big Data, user generated information and crowdsourcing, online publishing and advertising, Internet distribution and e-Commerce.

We counsel our clients on managing the requirements and risks associated with the collection, use, analysis, distribution and disclosure of electronically stored information. We help them balance the growing challenge of compliance with Israeli privacy and data protection law, spam laws and complex intersection with international privacy and data protection regimes, all with an eye to practical business goals.

We regularly handle the structuring and formation of new business models, products, applications and features. We provide guidance on managing and mitigating compliance risks, construct the legal framework, including terms of use and privacy policies.

We represent our clients before the Israeli Law Information and Technology Authority at all stages of inquiry, from database registration to investigations and review processes.

Having handled the regulatory aspects of the some of the most prominent M&A transactions in the Israeli high-tech sector in the past several years, we have an exceptional track record of successfully handling the privacy, data protection compliance and cyber-law aspects of M&As and financing transactions.

To our digital media, Internet distribution and software clients, we offer expert counsel on software and application distribution requirements vis-a-vis the major distribution platforms and other partners in the cyber space, and handle all of these aspects, as they arise in the course of structuring our clients’ on-going commercial transactions.